Hi, I'm April. I grew up on a family farm in southeastern Indiana. Loving and caring for animals has been a rewarding and lifelong passion for me. From dogs and cats to horses and chickens, I'm a seasoned veteran. I love Los Angeles! There are so many great pet owners here. I understand how difficult it can be trying to find someone you can trust to take care of your pets.

With a small and experienced staff, I guarantee professional and individualized care for your pets.

Our references are outstanding. Each staff member has passed a thorough background check and is Red Cross certified in dog and cat first aid. We care for all types of pets, but we do specialize in caring for challenging pets. Dogs with special needs due to aging, diet, recovery, illness, anxiety, or aggression require a bit more patience that we are happy to provide. I haven't met a dog yet that I couldn't win over. Call us!

Your pet is family. 

Not your average pet care professional

GingerBred D‚Äčog Care