Dog Walks    

Dog Sitting

Dog/Puppy Nanny

​Hikes and Dog Park

$20 per 30 minute walk

​$60/day for one dog, $75 for 2 dogs



Dog Walking

The devil's in the details! A relatively straightforward task, but I provide walks of different types and lengths based on your specific needs. Typically, I would let myself into your home, greet your dog(s), gear up with leashes etc., head out for our walk, return home, have some bonding time through play or snuggling, check the water supply, turn on a light inside and a porch light, and secure your home again upon exit. I leave a written update note each day detailing our walk including energy level(s), potty information, and anything interesting or out of the ordinary.

I also offer extended walks, exercise, hikes, and dog park outings.

Pet Sitting

You know that friend you have who loves your pet?  The one you call first when you're going out of town?  That's me!  When I pet sit, I stay in your home and maintain your pet's schedule uninterrupted during your absence.  I will also gather mail and packages, water plants, and all those other little things that you would do if you were home.  You will return to a clean, tidy home and a happy pet.



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